An apartment is like a country house, only more convenient
DOSTYQ 300 is a white-stone complex of exclusive low-rise club houses. The project is for those who value a truly comfortable life. Premium apartments in a three-storey clubhouse with stunning views of the mountain peaks will become significant in the status of their owner. DOSTYQ 300 combines the advantages of a quiet country life with infrastructure amenities and high-tech services that are organic for the metropolis.
  • Ceiling height from 3.3 to 3.6 m;
  • The area of apartments is from 74 to 293 m2;
  • Private terraces on the ground floor and on the roof;
  • Concierge service;
  • Building materials from the world's best manufacturers;
  • Boardwalk.
Video presentation of the club house DOSTYQ 300
Luxurious life at the foot of the Trans-Ili Alatau
DOSTYQ 300 is a white-stone complex of exclusive low-rise club houses. The project is for those who value a truly comfortable life.
The club house is located in one of the most popular and environmentally friendly places in Almaty – on the respectable Dostyk Avenue. There are premium supermarkets and top restaurants surrounding your future home, and the proximity of Medeo and the Shymbulak ski resort make the choice of experiences truly limitless.
8 minutes
9 minutes
8 minutes
to Kok Tobe
to the Ritz Palace
to Dostyk Plaza
14 minutes
to Medeo
11 minutes
to Terrencourt
8 minutes
to Wellness Club Luxor
We have created a truly private space for our residents, an island of peace and comfort in the midst of a bustling metropolis:
Created with luxury in every detail
  • The fresh mountain air that is surprising for a metropolis;
  • Children's playgrounds for all ages;
  • Private walking alley;
  • Terraces for relaxation on the green roofs of houses;
  • Walks on a landscaped area of 2.3 hectares;
  • Preservation of existing trees;
  • Cozy lighting throughout the complex.
The facades of the club house DOSTYQ 300 are made of environmentally friendly materials from the world's best manufacturers, which not only look stylish, but also do not harm the environment. The facades have an eco-friendly water-repellent coating, thanks to which they will always look well-groomed.
Architectural appearance
  • Accessible roof area;
  • The use of environmentally friendly materials.
Luxury lobbies
The lobby in the clubhouse DOSTYQ 300 is made in a modern style. The key design elements are elegance and refinement. They are achieved through the use of natural, eco-friendly and, at the same time, luxurious materials.
The DOSTYQ 300 lobby is stylish, respectable, and cozy. Designer furniture and natural materials. Lightness and softness of forms. Dozens of interesting details - in textures and patterns, lighting and décor.
Silent elevators from a global manufacturer
For young residents in the house there is a unique educational space KID'S LAB — a playground and a children's room.

The alternation of spaces for active games and quiet activities, places where you can be alone and spend time with your peers — each child will find what he likes best.
Comfort and safety service
Its task is to take care of the residents 24/7/365 and make sure that everything works as it was originally intended, while ensuring the highest level of security:
  • Concierge in the lobby with 24/7 working hours;
  • 24-hour dispatch service and security;
  • Territory maintenance;
  • Maintenance of general house engineering systems;
  • Access control system.
Stunning selection of apartment formats with beautiful views, balconies and terraces. Feel the touch of the wind while enjoying your morning coffee on your private terrace. Melt into the scenery outside your window, enjoy the best sunsets and sunrises. Ceiling height from 3.3 to 3.6 m. You will be able to embody the most daring design solutions.
Functional layouts
The club house DOSTYQ 300 is equipped with high-tech automatic parking. Parking completely keeps the car safe and sound. For your comfort, a functional, silent elevator leads to the parking lot.
Underground parking
  • Shopping cart;
  • Elevator access;
  • Parking for bicycles;
  • Convenient navigation;
  • Safety & comfort;
Construction progress
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